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  • 14.11.2019
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Gronos | 16.11.2019
I love the ass hole pic ;)
Kikus | 20.11.2019
I'm gonna be searching every Denny's and IHOP IN TOWN BB. Jk
Zulukree | 22.11.2019
I used to do that, look into the wild and unsupported claims of posters like the above. Then I started billing by the hour and found my time was worth more when I used it for other things.
Goltirisar | 23.11.2019
We're getting more snow than some of the initial forecasts said, also. I am hoping I'll be at the office in the morning, but feeling less sure about it by the hour! I definitely need to do that funeral at 2, though. But if you think you might be through after that, @ca

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